Water Bottles, Beverage Bottle Series

The Thumb-U3 model was independently developed by by HONGZHEN for 2 years, and its advantages have changed the the limitations of the old 880B series, aluminum wheel friction heating, unstable heating efficiency, and difficulty in change bottle neck.

Adopting international mainstream design concepts. The plug-in perform neck inserlion head, quickly rotation during the revolution inside the oven, making the PET perform heating more uniform, thorough, and stable in the final product quality. The bottle wall thickness is more uniform, and PET material is not wasted.

Continuous heating without pause, meeting the production capacity of 2500bottle of 600 milliliters water bottle.

Up to 1.5L, 3 Cavity.

The world's smallest size of similar design machine.

The structure is more reasonable, simple, with low investment costs and lowusage costs.

The cost of replacing the bottle neck size is only 6000RMB(set).

Available is neck sizes from 18-38mm

In addition, it can be directly connected to the next equipment (such as bottle sorting machine, packing machine, flinging machine, etc.)

High universality suitable for water, gas, cosmetics, oil bottles, etc.

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Model NO unit HZ-THUMB-U3
No.of cav Cavity 3
Neck diameter mm 38
Material / PET
Volume L 0.05-1.5
Theoriticial output Pca/h 1500-2500
Power KW 20
Voltage/ Frequency V/ HZ 220/380/ 50-60
Machine dimension(L*W*H) M 2.1 × 1.6 × 2.4
Machine weight Kg 3000
Conveyor dimension M 1.5 × 0.85 × 2.2
Conveyor weight Kg 500

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